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Welcome to Programming For Humans!

I am a recent college grad who found a passion for programming. My route to being a programmer was a little unconventional. I studied mechanical engineering in college, learning about engines, structures, and many other things completely unrelated to code. I found a ten-dollar online course one morning when I was bored. I started listening to the instructor and realized that I had found something that was going to stick with me for a long time. I spent my mornings before class working through online courses, learning about bits and bytes. I worked to challenge myself, finding courses on the things that I knew I wasn’t good at and struggling through error after error.

I finally became decent enough to be a programming tutor at my school, working with many of the students to run numerical analysis on models for upper-level engineering courses. Throughout this process, I spent close to three thousand dollars on the courses I took that were unreleated to my college expenses. That is a large chunk of change for someone eating ramen pretty frequently. I started to try and search for more resources to learn more advanced topics and came up short. I couldn’t find any decent resources that weren’t charging an arm and a leg for a 150-page book on a portion of these concepts. The resources I found were little tidbits here and there. They usually did not cover the deployment process, something that is just as important as the code. That is why I started Programming For Humans. I want to provide some resources to help anyone out there who is trying to learn a skill that can change their lives but doesn’t have the cash to shell out. I hope you enjoy some of the articles and I wish you the best of luck on your programming journey!